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Introducing our new electrical switches with a built in fuse. Our products make fault finding easier, function and installation more efficient and adds a new look to boat and RV interiors. All our switches are using readily available automotive fuses.

 FOS 1 Electrical Switch with a built in fuse in the handle



Simple mechanical function

Easy to install

Simply remove the cap to expose the fuse

FOS 1 Switch is a direct replacement for most existing thermal breakers. No need to change the panel
Change amperage setting without changing the entire switch

Remove and replace the fuse

Fault finding with a meter can be done from the front of the panel.

Our slick new panel replaces pre-existing old fashioned panels for a new look for boat and RV ineriors. Made for the FOS 1 Switch.

Comes with LED lights
Should the circuit be faulty the LED will not light, therefore it is easy to spot


The toggle caps come in different colors for an easier identification system

FOS 2 Electrical Switch with a built in fuse

Through-hole Applications

Our Fos 2 series can be installed as an ordinary ½” hole configuration with a retaining nut. 


FOS 2 with the fuse in the handle

Introducing the
FOS 3 Electrical Switch and Panels Series


The FOS 3 Switch Body is developed to be installed in the FOS surface mount and flush mount panels. The advantages of these panels are smaller size, reduced installation time, a slick appearance with no visible screw holes. Should a switch body be faulty, it can be changed in a few minutes from the front of the panel without the use of any tools.

FOS 3 Surface Mount Panels, Six Gang

This panel can be mounted directly on top of any flat surface so that the installer does not have to cut a hole in the bulkhead for installation. This is especially useful when you want to add extra switches. Wiring can be routed in and out on either end of the panel or with a small hole drilled through the bulk head. The panel can be mounted in any position depending on where the wires are to be directed; example - wires under a ceiling panel or through a corner bulkhead.

Six Gang Surface Mount Panel Panel

Six Gang Surface Mount Panel

2 Gang Surface Mount Panels

FOS 3 Flush Mount Panel

FOS 3 Flush Mount Panel accommodates a series of FOS 3 Switch Units set in a row. With a front panel thickness of 3/16” and a depth of 7/8” behind the panel this makes it convenient for thin bulkheads.

In addition, the depth of the flush mount panel is dramatically reduced compared to conventional panel installations. This is a benefit for new built vessels but also for repairs on traditional installations.

Six Gang Flush Mount Panel

Six Gang Flush Mount Panel

2 Gang Flush Mount Panels
FOS 3 Panels for Bilge Pump

Surface Mount for
Bilge Pump Control

Flush Mount for
Bilge Pump Control