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Welcome to FOS Switches and Panels More Info Page
(estimated launch date in 2017)
by Dane Tek LLC

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Switch with a Changable Fuse

The FOS DC Switch consists of two breaker points, opening and closing, and held in position by a spring loaded locking tab. Located in the switch handle, an automotive fuse of the type ACTO is installed. Should the fuse need replacement, simply press on sides of the flexible handle cover, remove the cap to expose the fuse and then replace the fuse. The load side of the switch is connected to a LED light so if the circuit should be faulty the light in the LED will not be illuminated when the switch is in the on position.


Simple mechanical function
FOS I Switch can be a direct replacement for existing thermal breakers. No need to change panel.
Able to change amperage setting without changing the entire switch *providing that appropriate cable sizes are installed
Switch body takes less space behind panel than conventional switches
Installation is simplified because wire terminals are positioned flat to the end of the switch body enabling easy cable routing (FOS 1,2)
The FOS 3 switch body can be changed without tools in minutes and without unscrewing the panel.
LEDs will not light should the circuit be faulty, that way it is easy to spot.
Most fault finding with a meter can all be done from the front of the panel. No need to unscrew or open panel.

Benefits for new production of boats and RVs include cutting cost on wiring since wiring is significantly reduced.

Questions About the FOS Products

ABYC standards, Do they meet them? 

We are familiar with the ABYC standards and our products will have no problem in meeting those requirements when we are ready to work on that. We are not quite at that point yet since we have just produced 3D samples of the switches and panels.
Since this is a marine switch, we would certainly have it approved for the ABYC standard. We will also have them approved for the CE certifications.

AC current, Will your product be certified?

At this point our switches will only carry DC current from 12 to 32 volts. A follow up AC switch in the same design will be a future project. 

Max Amperage load?

Since major loads in boats and RVs are based on low current loads, such as LED lighting and low amp electronics and navigation, our switch will be rated at minimum 15 amp. However, depending on certification requirements, we may be able to get a 20 amp certification. We will know when we go for testing.

Breaker is not the same as a fuse.

Yes, we know that a breaker is commonly referred to as a slow-blow fuse with a time set back for high start up loads such as pumps and other electrical motors. Ten years ago Palle rewired a 45’ sailboat, taking all the breakers out and replacing them with a switches and in-line fuses.  This system has been working flawlessly and 90% of all the fuses installed have not more than a 10 amp rating. This particular boat has five pumps including a compressor for refrigeration, 2 bilge pumps, one macerator pump and one water pressure pump.  This was the inspiration for this invention, switch-with-a-built-in-fuse. Should higher loads than 15 amp be necessary it can be easily solved by installing a high amp relay.

You are entering a very competitive Market.

We know that. But do the competitors have a surface mount panel? There is nothing like the surface mount panel on the market.

Also, our switches do not take up as much space as switches available today.  They take less than half the space as compared to traditional electrical installations today.

With our FOS 3 series we also enter a market where the two-wire system is much more simple to install and cost affective since less cable runs are needed. It also gives the customer or installer a free choice of locations for panels and switches to be placed.   

All our switches can serviced from the front of the panel for easier fault finding.  And with the FOS 3 switch unit you can install and replace the entire switch right from the front of the panel without the use of any tools.

Also, the unique feature of the replaceable fuse in the handle does not exist in today’s market.

How will the panels hold up to corrosion?

Our panels and switches will be made of high impact plastic and all metal parts and contact surfaces will be made out of silver oxidized bronze.

Everything is going digital.

We see our market potential in the do-it-yourselfers and manufactures of marine industry of power boats and sailboats and in the RVs industry sized from, approximately, 20’ to 45’.  

Unlike cars, in the marine industry older boats keep their value and very few older boats are digital. Sailboats under 45’ are also very seldom digital.  Digital still comes with its problems especially in boats because of the humidity and water issue. Digital repairs are costly and you need an expert in that field to do the repairs.

Many owners still do their own maintenance and repair on cars and boats and this new switch will be especially helpful for the do-it-yourselfers when they install extra lights, music systems, and so forth, since the wiring system can be more simplified.  You do not need to have special training to trouble shoot the electrical system of your vessel because with our switch it is more simplified when troubleshooting or repairing.

There are already panels with the fuse next to switch.

We are aware that panels with replaceable fuses on the side of the switch are widely available, however in Palle’s experience over time, glass fuse ends will corrode and get stuck in the socket causing the fuse to break in half and it is impossible to retrieve the other half. These panels also require a lot of space both in width and depth because of the separate wiring soldered to the fuse holder. It is also exposed to a humid environment causing it to fail.


At this point, we don’t have set prices.  We have put a lot of effort into calculations with the help of a manufacturer and we have come to the conclusion that because of our simple designs we will be able to make production at competitive prices.

Our main goal is to produce an American made product of high quality that meets or exceeds existing products in our field.

Are they Waterproof?

We are not at that point yet but we do have plans to do that in the future. Right now we have been working out the final logistics for production of the basic designs of the three switches and the panels. Since our panels and switches are aimed to replace existing indoor installations, which are not waterproofed either, this is our focus at the present time.

About the Two Wire System
FOS 3 adds a new dimension to the “Two-Wire System” making it more efficient and more cost affective.  The traditional two-wire system needs breakers and/or fuse blocks every place where current is routed to a switch. This often involves hidden and hard to reach places where breakers and fuse blocks may need to be installed. 
With our FOS 3 Switch and Panel Series, a fuse block approximately every ten feet is needed. This fuse block will protect the wiring from the main power supply to the FOS 3 switch.  The fuse in the FOS 3 switch handle will protect the load connected (lights, fans, pumps, etc.).  This system will drastically reduce the use of wiring and simplify installation. As a result, faultfinding and maintenance is easier and more cost effective.