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Welcome to FOS Switches and Panels History Page
(estimated launch date in 2017)
by Dane Tek LLC

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Palle and Jaymee Weinreich

Motivation Behind the FOS Series of Switches and Panels

In my thirty-five years as a shipwright doing repair work in both the commercial and private boating industry, I have accomplished many maintenance and repair efforts where space was limited. I know the switch we have developed will save the do-it-yourselfer hours and aggravation when installing their aftermarket lights and music systems, etc. With our switch line of products they will be able to perform neat, reliable and easy to troubleshoot systems in half the time.
Furthermore, our line of switches and panels will also be a benefit for boat builders and manufacturers that are looking for a more simple and cost effective way of installing electrical systems.

Palle Weinreich

About the Inventor, Palle Weinreich

Palle Weinreich, president of Dane Tek Custom Works LLC, was born and educated in Denmark in Hundested located on the Kattegat Sea. He has extensive marine and utility plant experience in the harshest weather extremes the North Atlantic has to offer. 

During a ten year period spent in Greenland, Mr. Weinreich had served time as chief engineer on an ice breaking salvage boat. He also worked for the Royal Danish Trade Department in Greenland at Sonderstrom Air Base where he was in charge of servicing the heating and water treatment plant, and later as foreman for the local electric power plant providing electricity in an environment where a simple mechanical or electrical problem could cost you your life.

In addition, Mr. Weinreich has refitted many commercial and private vessels throughout his career.   He is known for his uncompromising insistence on quality, performance, and serviceability. 

He moved to Puerto Rico in 1997 and began Dane Tek Custom Work which included many tasks on marine vessels.It was there that he designed the FOS electrical switch. He has now located to Cocoa Beach, Florida in order to further develop his business.

Jaymee Weinreich

Palle and Jaymee met in 1997 and married a year later. For Dane Tek Custom Work, she kept the books, wrote business proposals and invoices for the business. She has been a full time artist since 1998. The couple often had occasion to work together on projects that involved her artistic skills. In 2008, she opened and and ran an art gallery for six years. Jaymee located to Cocoa Beach, Florida to work on the FOS project in September of 2014. Her skills include computer skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and Dreamweaver; selling, writing,teaching, jewelry making and painting.