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by Dane Tek LLC

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Patent granted
Feb. 16, 2016
patent # US 9,263,211


















Our purpose is to bring improvements in the Marine and RV industry by developing products that are stream-lined and functional while at the same time making a user friendly product for consumers. Our electrical switches and panels will provide service to those using them by making fault finding easier, function and installation more efficient and, at the same time, add a new look to boat and RV interiors.

Manufacturers & Do-it-yourselfers!

Introducing our new, patented electrical DC switches and panels. Our products make fault finding easier, function and installation more efficient and adds a sleek, new, dynamic look to boat and RV interiors.

FOS I Switch
A direct replacement for the majority of circuit breakers used today.
No need to change the panel.

With our new, patented switch, and our line of panels, we provide an easy, efficient and innovative way to do electrical installations.
*Cost effective and simple!
*Better solutions for manufactures!
*After market installations!
*Practical identification with color changeable caps!

The FOS products are an invention of Palle Weinreich. Our products will be out soon! Investors, manufacturers welcome to contact us or call Palle at 787-630-7992 for an opportnuity to get involved in our project.